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The EURES Advisers are experts in international mobility who work within the employment services across Italy. They are responsible for:
  • giving information and guidance to jobseekers, mobile workers (cross-border, migrant and posted) and employers
  • raising awareness about EURES among companies, workers and whoever is interested in finding out about the European labour market
  • carrying out placement and recruitment activities which are fundamental for increasing worker employability and for increasing the efficiency of companies
  • spreading the mobility culture for incoming and outgoing workers, to enhance matching between supply and demand in the  European labour market
  • informing people of the obstacles to mobility and helping them to resolve them by offering concrete help (with necessary administrative documents or in looking for accommodation)
More specifically, the EURES Advisers help people interested in working abroad by giving them essential information on living and working conditions: salaries, housing costs, health, transport, important to know before leaving for another country.

The EURES Advisers also provide assistance in preparing a CV (to be compliant, when necessary, with the European format),  in uploading the CV onto the EURES database and in other practical activities required to facilitate matching between supply and demand (through “MY EURES”).

Moreover,  they also offer guidance to employers looking to hire personnel from other European countries, by identifying the profiles of potential candidates and by contacting people interested in working abroad through the EURES CV database.

Through their activities, the Advisers are able to provide general information on European labour market trends, in particular as regards shortages and surpluses of workers.

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