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The employment target of 75% of 20-64 year-olds under the Europe 2020 Strategy has met with further difficulties dictated by the economic recession. For this reason, full inter-operability is required among all Member States to make sure that the resources and the skills of each State contribute to a job rich recovery.

To foster this recovery, numerous projects have been launched and promoted by the European Commission: a way to facilitate mobility, matching and recruitment.

Youth on the Move
is the European Commission’s flagship initiative to foster international mobility, in line with the Europe 2020 Strategy. It is a comprehensive package of policy initiatives  on education and employment for young people in Europe.

The project aims to:
  • make education and training more relevant to employers’ needs
  • encourage student and worker mobility
  • boost youth entrepreneurship to counteract unemployment and assist young jobseekers in finding a job

More specifically, the aims of the initiative are to:

  • strengthen the role of the technical institutes to enhance the coverage of bottleneck vacancies at EU level
  • improve matching in those sectors hit the hardest
  • identify young people finishing or who have finished secondary education, willing to work in another Member State
  • encourage young people to take advantage of EU grants to study, work or train in another country
  • encourage EU Countries to take measures for simplifying the transition from education to work
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